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7 Temporary Home Upgrades Under $100


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While a major kitchen renovation with new tiles, countertops, and premium appliances may be number one on your wish list, these major projects aren’t always possible. You need time and a lot of money. But there’s good news: while you’re waiting to pull the trigger on the Reno you’ve set your heart on, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive upgrades (we’re talking under $ 100!) That can fill your space Little more functional and functional can make them easy on the eyes. Here are seven creative suggestions to liven up your home while you wait for a full reno.

While waiting to buy a new ceiling fan, swap out the shade and paint the blades.

Stuck with a drab and outdated ceiling fan? Modern replacement parts are surprisingly expensive, and sometimes cost more than a few hundred dollars. For a quick fix, you can just swap the shadow over the light. Lighting stores, hardware stores, and online retailers like Amazon offer numerous options. Another cheap update: painting the blades or hardware a different color that costs only as much as a can of spray paint.

While waiting for a new toilet to be installed, add a new toilet seat and install a new toilet flush.

If you’re planning to replace your toilet as part of a larger bathroom reno, new hardware – a flush handle and a new soft-close seat – can breathe new life into your existing throne. It’s also incredibly easy – all it takes is a few screws.

Install a new faucet while you wait to restore your kitchen.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the sink itself – you might want a sprawling country-style sink but a little rust-free one – a new faucet can at least make your current situation look a little slimmer. It’s a quick fix that doesn’t even require a plumber. Once you’ve turned off the water, all that’s left to do is remove the old faucet, install the new one, and reconnect the plumbing.

While you wait to renovate your bathroom, fix the vanity.

In most bathrooms and powder rooms, the vanity is a major focus. Reworking is therefore a great way to give the room a little lift. There are plenty of ways to do this on a budget too. Give it a new coat of paint (you only need about a quart), use a contact paper on old laminate countertops, replace the faucet, or just add new hardware on drawers and doors.

While you wait to re-tile your floors, paint them.

Instead of spending a pretty penny tearing open an existing tile floor, paint it – like home improvement Sarah did in her bathroom – until you have the time or money for the bigger project. There are tons of cool stencils you can use to create Pinterest-worthy patterned floors. For a long life, reach for a specially formulated floor paint that can withstand heavy foot traffic, and clean and prepare it before painting your tile floors.

Add weather strips while waiting for your windows to be replaced.

Do you have drafty windows that let out the heat in winter and cold air in summer? Replacing the windows of your home is an expensive undertaking, but weather strips (or caulking) can help until you’re ready to buy new ones. Apply the tape around the entire frame of the leaky window to improve the insulation and to seal any leaks or cracks.

Hack some while waiting for the built-in features to install.

Ever wanted a built-in media center, cubbies in the mud room, or a charming window seat like this one in San Francisco? Millwork isn’t cheap, but IKEA furniture is – and there are plenty of ways to transform some of the retailer’s most popular products, like the BILLY bookcase, into something that looks entirely custom-made.



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