7 TV Shows That Should Have Been Renewed in 2020


We talked about the mess that was ad nauseam in 2020 for many reasons, but one (of the very many) things that got messed up during the year that must not be named was television. I’m not even talking about the delays or the flow of pandemic-centric storylines that viewers have suffered this fall season, I’m talking about all of the fantastic shows that were originally renewed just to reverse the decision during the pandemic or that was not even given a fair shot.

While Netflix is ​​definitely a repeat offender when it comes to canceling shows too early, the streamer wasn’t the only one who drew people’s wrath for cutting off a series before it could tie loose ends or solve a major conspiracy. And if you find that some of these cancellations have a theme that includes different casts and stories, it is sure to be a coincidence. From Hulu Hi-Fi to Netflix GLOWHere are seven shows that should have been renewed but instead got canceled.

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