All the Arsène Lupin Books in Order


If you’ve seen French import recently lupine on Netflix and are now totally enchanted by everything that has to do with tricks, disguise, brawling and classic theft, then you are not alone. The series is addictive and engages viewers in protagonist Assane Diop’s mission to avenge his late father, who fell victim to a bloody injustice of a Megarich family. Using the tricks of the fictional gentleman thief Arsène Lupine featured in a number of books by Maurice Leblanc, Assane robs, kidnaps and tries to get justice for his father – and yes, it’s incredible to see.

When you’re done lupine and want more, why not try reading some of the classic French books yourself? Find the entire collection of Arsène Lupine novels by Maurice Leblanc below, sorted by release date, and get ready for any plans. It is important to note that Leblanc’s earlier books have easy-to-find English editions, while later books are mostly only found in French. Whether you’d rather stick with the English or brush up on your French, you’ll find all kinds of ornate, stealthy gemstones that will make your heart beat faster and express your inner truth.