AOC To Lead Story Time On House Floor


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Members of Congress organized a home lesson where they all “share their stories about the attack on the Capitol.”

Legislators will be telling their personal stories tonight about the January 6 attack on the floor of the house.

. @ AOC starts the special order hour pic.twitter.com/rhj10BGe9F

– Scott Wong (@scottwongDC) February 4, 2021

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will begin the evening by telling her version of events that has already been thoroughly torn to pieces for being deliberately misrepresented, manipulative and misrepresented.

Together we have 435 stories. And we have to tell them so that every time a Republican says, “We have to go ahead and forget about it,” they will be reminded of what they are trying to free and excuse.

You can see it at 5:30 p.m. ET here: https://t.co/Rcb17nJhXx https://t.co/CiuJboncYl

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez MP (@RepAOC) February 4, 2021

So is this going to be an accurate and honest version of events, or the insincere, misleading and manipulated version of events that implies that she was almost murdered by vicious rioters who broke through her building?

You know, although she wasn’t even in the Capitol and rioters never entered her building.

Will Rep. Porter and Rep. Mace tell their stories about being right next to AOC and realizing that there weren’t any rioters in the building and that in fact they weren’t in the Capitol, which was closing?

Will Senator Cruz share how the attack on the Capitol resulted in his being unreasonably charged with attempted murder?

Will Senators Cruz and Hawley share their stories about how the attack on the Capitol made them bizarre compared to rapists?

How much time in this story is spent baselessly blaming Republican lawmakers for the events, labeling them as “domestic terrorists”, “instigators” and “instigators”?

How much time in this story is spent creating a narrative to further narrow down the language?

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How much time in this story could instead be spent doing the jobs they were chosen to do rather than telling their subjective versions of the event with probably as much “bias” as the manipulative version of AOC?

On the other hand, as AOC has made very clear, accuracy and factuality are less important than perceived moral motivation. I think they don’t really care if anything is correct tonight.

“There are many people who are more interested in being precise, factual and semantically correct than being morally correct,” @AOC replies to the criticism that they made factual mistakes. https://t.co/sKf3sHl9F6 pic.twitter.com/xKc2eB7GEk

– 60 minutes (@ 60 minutes), January 7, 2019


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