Australia news live: Anthony Albanese makes Chris Bowen climate change spokesman in shadow cabinet reshuffle | Australia news

“The focus has to be on being the best we can. How we’re not just content to get back to the way it was. How we recognize that we need to build our economy, create jobs, create fairness and justice and that we accept the spirit that has shown itself in this crisis, the spirit of the Australians who take care of one another, the spirit of the Australians who care national level sacrifice interest, the Spirit of ensuring that we can be proud of Australia’s achievement in the world, that we are promoting these principles.

The fact is, before the pandemic, there were real problems in the economy, as Jim and the economic team pointed out. Growth was sluggish, wages stagnated, national debt had doubled, and productivity fell. Insecure work and underemployment are currently at record highs. We have over two million Australians who are either unemployed or not getting the amount of work they need. Australians deserve a government that shows the strength they have shown themselves in the past 12 months.

I intend to make this excellent team available to this leadership. I will support this team every day against the government. I’ve turned opposition portfolios head to head in the same areas that the government has their portfolios in. I think to sharpen this focus for the future. “



Robert Dunfee