Australia news live: chief medical officer backs AstraZeneca vaccine after South Africa blow | Australia news

I just want to make a very clear statement that people quickly absorb small amounts of information without looking at it carefully. And draw conclusions. Right now I can absolutely say and this may change in the future and we will be nimble in how we look at this information and incorporate it into our planning, but right now there is no evidence anywhere in the world that AstraZeneca is effective against serious infections through affects one of these questionable variants.

And that’s the fact. What we have right now is a small group of people in a study that has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in South Africa where there has been an impact on mild or moderate illness related to this variety of concern in that country. However, there were no serious infections in any of the people who received the vaccine for any of these types of the virus. “



Robert Dunfee