Barack Obama and Lady Gaga Hug and Chat at the Inauguration


Lady Gaga and Barack Obama showed their friendship at the President’s inauguration on Wednesday, and it was the cherry on top of an already victorious day. Shortly after Gaga unbuckled the national anthem in front of the crowd gathered in the Capitol, she crossed paths with the former president and they caught up quickly like old pals. NBD, only two legends are legends together.

While Gaga passionately denied his ears, he lovingly grabbed Barack’s wrist, put his arm on her shoulder like a true father, and they finally embraced in a comforting embrace that felt all over the world. (Jealous!) Their close relationship should come as no surprise – after all, Gaga was an avid follower of Joe Biden over the years and worked closely with him to get the word out about sexual assault prevention during the Obama administration, and even himself Joe to join the campaign ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Gaga’s and Barack’s sweet inauguration day interaction left many viewers with a big question: what on earth were these two talking about? Maybe Barack hit Gaga for a delivery of her new one Chromatica Oreos or some House Laboratories makeup samples for Sasha and Malia? Or was she wondering how to get on one of his coveted playlists? Oh, oh, or maybe Barack asked Gaga who designed her voluminous dress adorned with doves? Look at the photos of their encounter to see for yourself how the conversation played out.