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Best Budget Room Redos of 2020 – Best Budget Before and Afters


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1. A handyman turns a $ 100 stain under a staircase into a tiny outdoor oasis

Johanna Beach turned a completely unused room under a staircase into a dreamy little oasis for her friend Hannah in this iteration. By building benches and sourcing items from places like the Facebook Marketplace and Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago, Beach managed to complete the project for just $ 100.

2. A $ 110 closet makeover filled with smart, tenant-friendly home improvement

Ashley LeDuc took her messy wardrobe and not only implemented an organization system, but with the help of several clever DIY tricks, she managed to make a wardrobe in the hallway look beautiful. The superstar in this iteration? Black washi tape.

3. A fancy $ 200 upgrade to a “Handyman Special” room

Kellie Brown had a week’s challenge and a $ 300 cap to create a new master bedroom, and this one is full of DIY magic – although this was her first time using a nail gun and drill. The entire transformation cost only $ 197.

4. $ 200 made this living room window seat a dramatic focal point

Jessalyn Thompson’s house had no character, so she made a window seat in her living room that is every bookworm’s dream. By building your own window seat and implementing smart hacks (like non-wired wall lights), the entire project took nine days and cost around $ 200.

5. A $ 250 update brings this dreary 1980s kitchen to life

6. Only $ 125 gave a cramped closet a colorful new life

7. This $ 350 Pantry Redo is a master class in organization

8. A £ 300 Hallway Redo Swaps dated rug for fun pops of color

9. An old nursery grows up for only $ 450

Amilia James was about to give her sister an upgrade for her nursery when she found out she was moving home because of the pandemic. By incorporating a mix of new and refurbished items, as well as creating a cohesive aesthetic, James was able to cut the cost of this inspirational iteration to $ 450.

10. This funky $ 100 bathroom repeat uses color in cool, surprising ways

Do-it-yourselfers know that color is the secret to an inexpensive transformation. Angie Scheer took this to heart when she used a different color on almost every surface – the floor, the vanity, and the walls – to create a stunning result.

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