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Best Drawer Organizers: The Container Store Silver Mesh Drawer Bins


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Words to live by: Never get rid of something that you can use to organize “things”. As someone who has moved a lot, I can tell myself that sooner or later you will always find a use for it – and often in unexpected ways. When I moved from one urban townhouse to another a few years ago (what can I say, I love the neighborhood!) I had a bunch of mesh utensil organizers of various sizes that had worked perfectly in my old house but didn’t quite fit about the dimensions of my new drawers. So I followed my own advice (see above) and put them aside, thinking I would put them somewhere at some point. Spoiler alert: I did, and the solution changed my entire start to the day.

My old place had a walk-in closet with large drawer partitions and a lovely selection of moveable shelves. But in the new house they used a chest of drawers that I hadn’t used in ages – one that was actually intended for a child’s room, so the drawers were extra flat. It looked like I was about to walk from my super organized dream closet to a jumble of messy stacks of clothes in too small drawers – and then I remembered my organizers of mesh drawers.

I didn’t know how much repurposing some old kitchen organizers would change the way I start my day, but it has changed. When I get dressed every morning, I instantly reassure me to open my underwear drawer and see how neat the arrangement is instead of a messed up mess. The thought of stuffing my underwear (I’ll admit, I’m a bit of an underwear snob) in a drawer that I could barely close used to be almost painful. Now I roll each pair neatly and put them side by side in rows (think Tetris, but for underwear) in the small mesh containers.

Instead of pulling out the first pair I can grab, I make a thoughtful decision about what to wear. And when I start with a small, focused decision each morning, I can set the tone that is more present and less scattered throughout the day. Who would have thought that such a small shift would cause such a profound change? I’ll say it again: never get rid of the organizers.

Buy: 12 “x 18” Mesh Drawer Organizer Starter Kit, $ 20.96



Robert Dunfee