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Best Kitchen Standing Mat on Amazon: Kangaroo Standing Mat Review


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I am one of those people who is terribly lucky in any situation where gifts are exchanged from Secret Santa or White Elephant. When I ended up with this kitchen mat at my last Christmas Zoom party (while others were making wins like fancy waffle irons and fancy jade rollers), I just tied it to my losing streak and made room in my entryway closet to stow my gift as soon as it arrives. But after cutting open the box, I was slightly fascinated by the squishy but surprisingly sturdy mat and decided to give it a try. A kitchen mat is one of those things I never knew I needed until I finally got on one. Disclaimer: It will never be stored again!

Over 11,000 Amazon reviewers have rated Kangaroo’s Original Standing Mat with 4.6 stars and described it with words such as “incredibly comfortable”, “robust” and “amazing”. I’ve had my mat for almost a month now and I can confidently say that it actually lives up to the hype.

Compared to other kitchen mats, the Kangaroo mat has an extra thick 3/4 inch pillow that provides better support and holds much better over time. While I can’t yet attest to the longevity of the mat, I can confirm that the surface is thick and luxurious, making it feel like I’m hopping on a soft Tempurpedic mattress in a fancy hotel, even though I’m just standing in my kitchen cuts Onions and peel potatoes.

As an added bonus, I’ve found that I no longer clutch or massage my lower back every fifteen minutes while rushing to get dinner on the table or tackle an intense baking project. The padded surface takes the strain off my feet and lower back and I feel incredibly supported, even when I’m barefoot. Also, a special note on the mat’s non-slip bottom, which sticks firmly to my kitchen floor and hasn’t moved an inch since the day I put it down (a great pro since the last thing I wanted to be on one slippery floor to stand surface with a knife or other sharp object!).

I was given the smallest mat in this pretty sky blue, but Kangaroos mats are also available in ten solid colors, six prints (including one that looks exactly like hardwood floor!), And different size options. And while I’m a little concerned that the sky blue can turn brown quickly because I’m more of a messy cook, several Amazon reviewers pointed out that the mat is really stain resistant and easy to clean with warm soapy water or a vacuum cleaner.

Sure, this isn’t the funniest or most glamorous Christmas present, but it is quickly becoming my all-time favorite. It’s practical, durable, and brings so much comfort to me and my sore joints. But the best? I know I’ll enjoy it a lot longer than the wine subscription I originally won. I just hope my friend who stole it from me isn’t too jealous when she reads this.