Biden Administration Claims of Failed Trump Vaccine Rollout ‘Absolutely Preposterous’ Says HHS


T.The idea that the Biden government did not inherit a plan for administering COVID-19 vaccines is “absolutely absurd,” former Chief of Staff for Health and Human Services Brian Harrison told National Review. President Biden himself, along with several government advisors and officials, was on a rampant media tour, falsely telling the American people that they were powerless, uninformed, and unprepared to give the Trump administration’s coronavirus vaccine.

Health officials are fighting back against the outrageous allegations. Jen Psaki, press secretary for Biden, said Monday, “The confusion over this issue – which we admit is confusing – suggests a bigger problem we are inheriting from the previous administration.” Psaki continued, “It’s a lot worse than we could have imagined.”

Or is it? National Review reports, “For every Bloomberg vaccination record, the US has now administered 1 million vaccinations four days in a row, with a seven-day rolling average of 1.2 million. And on Monday, Biden himself said he hoped to raise the threshold to 1.5 million soon. “Anyone with a top-notch education can understand that these numbers cannot be derived from nowhere. “The ability of the new administration to meet its daily goal immediately after the benchmark is set is evidence that it has inherited a workable plan from the Trump administration, according to current and former officials.”

Fauci himself publicly refuted claims made by Biden officials that the government had not inherited anything substantial and was forced to start at “number one”. Harrison states that such an accusation is “absolutely absurd”.

“We provided the Biden team with over 300 transition meetings, including the very first on Warp Speed ​​that I started myself,” said Harrison. “The idea that they come in and have no idea what was going on is absolutely absurd,” he added.

The distribution of the vaccine, administered by US Army General Gustave Perna, has been described as “extraordinarily detailed” and “comprehensive” by a former official. There was a “99.99 percent success rate in shipping to the right place at the right time in the right quantity under the right conditions,” the official said.

In addition, there were plans for its introduction, led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The CDC was the one who volunteered – not volunteered, put themselves up for the job and said they would be responsible for it because they were responsible for the distribution and allocation of the pandemic influenza,” explained a former senior HHS Official. Moral of the story? The Biden government is clearly lying about the introduction of the vaccine.




Robert Dunfee