Biden administration to build two mass vaccination sites in New York City, Gov. Cuomo says


A health care worker will administer the Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine to a vaccination site in a church in the Bronx, New York on Friday, February 5, 2021.

Angus Mordant | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The Biden government will work with New York to build and occupy two mass vaccination sites for Covid-19 in the New York City area that aim to hit the minority communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

The locations, which will open the week of February 24th, will be at York College in Queens New York and Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference on Wednesday. Both locations can deliver 3,000 shots per day, making them the largest vaccination centers in the state to date.

The federal government will be tasked with supplying cans directly to the centers, and the sites will be staffed with members of the New York State National Guard as well as federal army personnel, Cuomo said. More sites are being added in the upstate part of New York to help achieve what the governor calls “socially vulnerable” communities.

“These will be very large sites. They will be complicated surgeries, but they will meet a dramatic need to get the vaccine to the people who need it most,” Cuomo said.

A mass vaccination site for Queens residents and other key workers opened in Citi Field earlier Wednesday. The site’s debut, which was delayed due to lack of doses, comes just days after another mass site opened for residents at Yankee’s Stadium in the Bronx.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blassio speaks to media representatives as an attempt is made to obtain a Covid-19 vaccine at the Citi Field Vaccination site in Queens, New York on February 10, 2021.

I have Betancur | AFP | Getty Images

New York isn’t the only state where the federal government will open mass vaccination centers.

President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Response Team announced shortly before Cuomo’s briefing that they would be working in a similar manner with representatives from Texas to build three new community vaccination centers in Dallas, Arlington and Houston. Jeff Zients, Bidens Covid-Tsar, said these centers will enable healthcare providers to administer more than 10,000 shots a day.

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