Biden Energy Secretary Pick Called Out By Republicans For Democrats’ Awful Record On ‘Green Jobs’ (VIDEO)


Every time Democrats take power, we hear the same song and dance about green jobs. Do you remember Solyndra?

Democrats are never satisfied with the energy jobs we have now. These jobs need to be destroyed to make way for green jobs that never seem to develop.

The Republicans called on Biden’s election for Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on Wednesday.

The Hill reports:

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Republicans push Granholm to fossil fuels during confirmation hearing

Republicans on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee urged Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm during her sometimes strained confirmation hearing on Wednesday on fossil fuel issues.

Granholm, the former Michigan governor, is tasked with implementing the president’s goal of expanding clean energy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Republicans, especially those from fossil fuel-producing states, expressed skepticism about replacing oil and gas jobs during the hearing.

In the opening speeches, Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), Who will be the top Republican on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said he would not “stand idle … if the Biden administration enforces policies that threaten or threaten the Wyoming economy the elixir of life for so many people in my home state. “

And Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) Raised concerns about how long it would take for the jobs to come off.

“If you’ve lost a job that now has food on your table, it is cold comfort to know that in a different state, perhaps with a different education, years from now, there will be another job available,” Cassidy said.

Check out the following videos:

Joe Biden’s energy minister candidate Jennifer Granholm admitted that when Biden’s federal states frack banpic.twitter.com/JMQ4ziXfXL there are “jobs that could be sacrificed”

– Tommy Pigott (@TCPigott) January 27, 2021

Biden’s candidate for energy minister, Jennifer Granholm, does not oppose earlier comments that the US should “do whatever it takes to keep fossil fuel energy underground” https://t.co/RFrg0wycWW pic.twitter.com/iYwBQkWqVQ

– RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 27, 2021

. @ SenJohnBarrasso calls Biden’s nominee for Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm doomed during her tenure as Michigan governor

– RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 27, 2021

Brutal questions, but absolutely fair.

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