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Biden Inaugural Rehearsal Evacuated Over Fire Blocks from Capitol


The rehearsal at the Capitol on Monday morning for Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday was evacuated by officials who told attendees, “This is not a drill.” The rehearsal had been postponed for a day for security reasons.

Photos and videos show the panicked escape from the rehearsal:

Today’s inaugural rehearsal had to be canceled. The terrorists win. pic.twitter.com/ncMVJ1roiv

– Barbara Malmet (@ B52Malmet) January 18, 2021

BREAKING: Smoke rises from behind the Capitol. The housewarming rehearsal appears to be evacuating. Emergency announcement on the Capitol grounds. pic.twitter.com/86J9S8CsMY

– Jackson Proskow (@JProskowGlobal) January 18, 2021

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Warnings were issued over the loudspeakers: “BREAKING: Smoke is rising near the US Capitol building. An announcement was made over the speaker asking people to stay away from doors and windows due to an external security threat. “

BREAKING: Smoke rises near the US Capitol building. An announcement was broadcast over the loudspeaker telling people to stay away from doors and windows due to an external security threat

– NEWSTALK1010 (@ NEWSTALK1010) January 18, 2021

Extract from the AP report: “The participants were led from the western front of the Capitol. Those who had gathered for a tour, including a military band, were instructed to go inside and move towards a safe location within the Capitol complex. Those involved in the rehearsal said security officers yelled, “This is not a drill.” The US secret service, which is responsible for the security of the inauguration, said there was no threat to the public. “

Apparently the fire was in a homeless camp under a bridge a few blocks south of the Capitol.

Around 10 a.m. this morning, I heard a pop and saw this fire burn under 395 outside the Capitol South Whole Foods. Our homeless neighbors live there. When the fire started there was no one around. Authorities / fire brigade on site @WTOP @PoPville pic.twitter.com/DWzAMloNAP

– Anna Mahalak (@annamarieDC) January 18, 2021

PHOTOS: Officials say the opening rehearsal evacuation was due to a fire burning under an expressway bridge just a few blocks away and not considered a threat. (CLOSER LOOK) pic.twitter.com/1pJT8NkxCS

– The Breaking News reporter (@BreakingNewsIP) January 18, 2021

More photos and videos:

White House Marines secure the Eastern Front door of the #USCapitol during an external security threat during the dress rehearsal for the 59th Opening Ceremony for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris at the US #Capitol. 📷epa-efe / Jim Lo Scalzo pic.twitter.com/DoHuMIQAs5

– European Press Photo Agency (@epaphotos) January 18, 2021

Capitol west front evacuated due to “external security threat” pic.twitter.com/tbmyXbKbh4

– Jasper Colt (@jaspercolt) January 18, 2021

The crypt is staffed as the western front of the Capitol is evacuated during the dedication rehearsal. Pic.twitter.com/WR43sMAppL

– Jasper Colt (@jaspercolt) January 18, 2021

Suspected propane tanks in the homeless camp: “BREAKING: Wachquelle tells me that a propane tank exploded in a homeless camp near the Capitol. Several other propane tanks were seen lying around and are being investigated by police. “

I saw it, that’s right. Series of small explosions constant with a small propane tank break pic.twitter.com/S4LsRww0DE

– Nate Taylor (@NateTaylorDC) January 18, 2021


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