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Brian Minter: Sustainable farming is our future


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In our hearts we all know that growing food and plants organically is the best way to ensure a healthy future for ourselves and the planet. However, when we learn how to grow organically and how to deal with the challenges, we often find ourselves returning to using more conventional methods.

A few weeks ago I met a gentleman, Shahzad Nazir Khan, who has a very interesting philosophy on the subject. Khan is currently sales director for the organic and organic products division of TerraLink Horticulture. TerraLink is located in Abbotsford and is one of the largest agricultural utility companies in British Columbia.

Khan was born in Pakistan into a farming family and graduated from the University of Agriculture in Faisalabad with a Master of Science degree in Agronomy. In 2006 he emigrated to Canada and took a position with the BioFert Company, which was subsequently bought by TerraLink.

In Pakistan, in the semi-arid area of ​​Dera Ghazi Khan district, where Khan’s mother family farmed, there was always a lack of water, which often led to less use of traditional fertilizers and pest control, as water is essential for the application of these products. Surprisingly, the wheat, sorghum, millet, and chickpea they grew seemed to taste better because of this. His mother in particular noticed this difference.