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Dated Living Room Redo | Apartment Therapy


Hardwood floors are known to be fussy to clean and maintain, but they can also add character and warmth to a room. And stripping hardwood floors from carpeting can be a daunting task – one that DIYer and YouTuber Delaney Hoskins and her husband Cameron have been happy to accept.

Delaney and Cameron have been living in their 1943 home for a year when they decided they didn’t love living in their living room. Delaney said it had a “grubby, stained, brown carpet from 2004” and she didn’t like the cream walls or the original single pane windows.

“The previous living room felt small and dated and we knew we’d spend most of the time in it, so we wanted to make it a space we could enjoy,” Delaney said. “We also knew we wanted to entertain people in the room.”

Delaney wanted the room to feel “bigger, brighter, and more inviting”. Her first step was to clean the walls and paint them a fresh white, which Delaney said made a “big difference in opening up the room.”

Delaney knew the old carpet was hiding hardwood floors, so she and Cameron tore the existing carpet, nail strips, and stables from the floors. Once it was tidied up, they rented a random orbit sander and sanded it down, which was “by far the most grueling and chaotic part of the project.”

“The hardest part was sanding the floor,” said Delaney. “Dust was flying everywhere and there was a lot of movement of the grinder back and forth.”

After sanding everything down, she hired someone to paint and seal the floors with clear polyurethane. She added sheer white drapes and black curtain rods through the windows and a modular jumbo couch. The rest of the space is decorated with wood and wicker furniture that has a boho-modern feel to it.

“My favorite part was challenging myself to sand the floors,” Delaney said. “I was so intimidated beforehand and was convinced that I would ruin our floors. But with some research (thanks, YouTube) I was able to do it! “

After about a month of work, Delaney says she loves “basically everything” about her new living room. “Our floors have turned out beautifully and it’s a warm and welcoming place to watch a movie or have friends.”

“Be brave and try new things,” she says. “It is easy to doubt yourself, but when you make an effort you will be surprised at what you can do yourself.”