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ERA Architects’ Pinea Eco Suite Is Designed Like a Birdhouse


An architecture firm has built a charming tree house for eco-huts, where campers can immerse themselves in nature like birds from above. The Pinea Eco Suite by ERA Architects consists of natural materials and is charged with solar energy. It mimics the structure of a tree (and a bird house) and is said to blend in with the natural surroundings of Barcelona, ​​Spain. What’s even nicer is that there is a quaint little picnic area right under the Pinea Hut, which can be used as shade from the sun or as protection from the rain during meals outside.

The cabin only has space for one bed and makes for a picturesque camping experience. Inside there are wall lights with batteries on both sides of the bed, which can also be used to charge mobile devices. These are charged by solar energy through small solar panels on the roof of the cabin. Outside, the cabin consists of a light brown wooden floor and an olive-green fabric cover that can be closed like a tent.

The Pinea Hut is accessed by metal column stairs that resemble forest tree trunks. Once the campers get to the top, there are front pillars that lead into the actual tent and resemble pool ladders. Elsewhere, in the cozy picnic area under the hut, campers can take off their shoes and feel at home thanks to the artificial turf floor.

ERA Architects also shared a video on their YouTube page that records the construction process of the Pinea prototype in 2019. Check out the video above. Ah, being a camper nestled in a cozy tree house in picturesque Spain, channeling your inner bird.

Jessica Wang

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