Everyone Was Fist-Bumping at the Presidential Inauguration


If Destiny’s Child wrote a song about the presidential inauguration, it would undoubtedly be titled “Bumpin ‘Bumpin'”. On January 20, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in on one of the most hopeful and enjoyable days in history. Lady Gaga played the national anthem, Amanda Gorman gave a moving poetry reading, and all eyes were on the close-knit Biden and Harris families as the country waited for the next chapter of our democracy. But even with Jennifer Lopez, the punch had to be the most popular guest at the president’s inauguration.

From Barack Obama’s punch on Alex Rodriguez to Vice President Harris exchanging bumps with Michelle Obama, the greetings have been joyous and COVID-worthy! Check out all of the heartfelt photos of President Biden, Vice President Harris, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and so many others exchanging punches as it’s the inauguration and the Capitol pokes, pokes.