House republicans on a mission to ‘retire Speaker Pelosi once and for all’ in 2022


While it feels like the 2020 election was just yesterday, it is almost time for the 2022 election cycle to begin.

And the Republicans are ready to go.

The House Republican campaign focuses on 47 seats currently occupied by “Democrats at risk,” making them “prime pick-ups” for GOP candidates.

The Chairman of the Republican National Congress Committee, Rep. Tom Emmer, released the list on Wednesday, promising, “We will retire Speaker Pelosi once and for all.”

What a wonderful day it will be.

With Democrats in control of the White House, Senate, and House, the upcoming midterm elections are vital for Republicans.

The GOP controlled the house for eight years before losing control in 2018. Although they didn’t take control in 2020, they did better than expected and now only have to switch 5 seats to regain the majority. Fox News Reports.

“Midterm elections have historically been a control of the party in power and I believe this will be bad news for the House Democrats,” said Emmer. “It won’t be easy, but we will finish the job we started.”

Regarding the 47 target seats, Emmer said, “These include 29 battlefield Democrats where President Biden lost the district or who had presidential or congressional margin of 2020 within 5 points.”

The list also includes “eight below-average Democrats, these are the weak incumbents who won less than 10 percent and who beat the presidential turnout in their district.”

Additionally, “represent 10 redistribution guardians Democrats currently representing districts in states that will win or lose seats during redistribution, or districts in states that have redistribution commissions.”

“We will build on the successful design from the last cycle,” emphasized Emmer. “That means we’ll be recruiting great candidates again. We will deliver a successful message to the electorate and find the resources necessary to win. ”

“There are some things that need to work through the system but I am very confident that we have already started this process and that we will be unified,” he said.

“Everyone is on deck.”



Robert Dunfee