Interview With Barack Obama on A Promised Land


Former President Barack Obama began writing his new memoir. A promised landfour years ago – long before any of us could have predicted what 2020 would bring. Even so, in a year so significant in both the history of the President and American history, the publication of the book feels especially important and timely. On his resonance pages, Obama looks back on some of the most critical and challenging moments of his early days as Commander in Chief, but also shares a more personal, intimate picture of how life in the White House and the public has affected Michelle and his young daughters, Sasha and Malia. A promised land is also forward-thinking, setting a course for American progress and speaking to young people about the role they must play in moving the country forward.

The POPSUGAR editors asked Obama to give us a glimpse into his writing process, reveal the lessons he shared with his own daughters, and speak in an interview with young people seeking change – but possibly discouraged by their pace become – politically and personally.


Robert Dunfee