Jarrett blasts Hunter Biden-connected DOJ hire: ‘this is a flagrant conflict of interest’


The Justice Department’s new acting head of crime is none other than a former colleague Hunter Biden’s attorney. This comes as part of an investigation into Hunter’s suspicious foreign company antics.

Gregg Jarrett appeared on The next revolution with reaction.

“A cynic or a skeptic, and you can count me among them, would say the problem is fixed. There are thousands upon thousands of qualified attorneys who could have filled this position and managed the crime department and overseeing the criminal investigation of Joe Biden’s son, ”he said.

“Of all the people Joe Biden selected – and he did it on his first day in office – is Nicholas McQuaid, who is closely associated with Hunter Biden’s attorneys. They worked together on white collar crime cases. No one says whether they worked together specifically to defend Hunter Biden, which makes me very suspicious. ”

Jarrett busted the ruling for a direct violation of Justice Department rules.

“This is an obvious conflict of interest in violating the Justice Department’s rules and regulations,” he said. “At least it creates what is known as the semblance of inappropriateness, and under these regulations it is imperative that you disqualify yourself, and yet we have not heard of McQuaid reusing himself. As I said before, the solution seems fine to me. It was precisely for this reason that I was so critical of Bill Barr for not appointing a dedicated attorney to ensure that the Hunter Biden case did not have undue influence after Joe Biden was initiated. ”

He went on to find the only solution to ensure that this conflict of interest was resolved.

“It should have happened immediately. The only pressure that can be applied now is for the Senate Judiciary to send a very strong letter to the Justice Department and the acting Attorney General asking McQuaid to apologize to himself, “he said.

“This is the only way to achieve a situation where this investigation is not unduly influenced, and I suspect that will be part of the question and answer the Republicans will have for Merrick Garland, the candidate for Attorney General, during his upcoming confirmation hearing, “he added.

“They will make absolute promises that no one, including McQuaid, will interfere, and they will – and they should – demand McQuaid’s disapproval.”

Jarrett urged that this be not just a tax matter, but an overt criminal trial.

“I think it does, and it’s an unfortunate signal. Equally unfortunate is that nobody in the mainstream media seems to care,” he said. “You are correct in your analogy, if it were Don Jr. and Rudy Guiliani overseeing Don Jr.’s case, the media would be howling loudly and this is not easily dismissed as Hunter Biden would have you believe, ‘oh, it’s just a tax matter ‘like they’re paying a fine and that’s it. No, there is an investigation by the grand jury into what means this is a criminal case and they are looking to see if Hunter Biden received up to $ 5 million from a Chinese company that has been run through various accounts and companies that Hunter Biden checked, ”he said.

“It smells like money laundering, and the government has been brought to the attention of the government through reports of suspicious activity by the government and the Treasury Department. So they deal with everything from tax evasion – which is a crime – to tax fraud, conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and extortion. So this is serious business, not just a simple tax case Hunter would have you believe. ”



Robert Dunfee