Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey Wedding Planner Reunion


It’s been 20 years since Dr. Steve “Eddie” Edison saved Mary Fiore from being hit by a runaway dumpster, but it almost feels like yesterday. The Wedding planner Costars Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey met again on January 26th to celebrate the movie’s landmark anniversary and to remember their favorite scenes on Instagram Live.

“It still feels like we were in the middle of this area with the cinema just yesterday,” said Lopez, becoming nostalgic. She later added, “I enjoyed working with you so much. It was a magical time. I’m also so romantic that working on such films feels real to me.”

Both Lopez and McConaughey have achieved quite a lot since the early ’00s, but this movie will always have a special place in their hearts. “We’re going to do something again, baby,” said Lopez McConaughey during her call. “I miss your energy. I hope to be with you soon.” We’ll keep this promise! In the meantime, you can check out the full reunion in the cute video below.



Robert Dunfee