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Joybird Releases Popular Interior Design Styles by State


It’s no secret that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen an increase in renovation and design projects in quarantine. With Cottagecore, Cabincore, and Grandmillennial now becoming ubiquitous for design enthusiasts, Joybird recently explored some of the best interior styles across the country. Specifically, the home decor brand researched the most popular interior design styles by state to get a feel for how different regions have upgraded their homes. In addition, Joybird also determined the top five styles that dominated the US

The results? The modern farmhouse was the best style for the interior in the US, closely followed by Industry, cottagecore, french country, and Mid-century modern. To determine the results, Joybird analyzed Google Trends data for the past 12 months based on search volume for over 20 of the largest design styles in each state. Other recurring design styles that made it onto the list were Scandinavian, Japanese Zen, Bohemian, Art Deco, and Shabby Chic.

According to Joybird, the trend towards modern farmhouses was great in western and core states such as South Dakota, Arkansas, Montana and Idaho. Industrial, on the other hand, emerged victorious in states like Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Kentucky and Nevada. In terms of cottagecore, Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, and North Dakota showed an affinity for this rural aesthetic, while the French countryside ranked first in New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. In Delaware, Michigan, Nebraska, and Utah, the mid-century modern became a favorite.

Some less recurring but notable design styles that were also on the list were Hollywood Regency (California), Minimalist (New York), Moroccan (Massachusetts), and Coastal (South Carolina). For a more complete breakdown of the theme style settings, see Joybird’s trusted theme card above. Tell us: What style of design took first place in your state?

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