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Levi’s Is Launching Its First-Ever Home Collection in Partnership with Target


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Target literally wrote the book about brand collaborations. So when the Big Box Store announces a new partnership, it’s always exciting to see what they come up with. Well, Target’s latest limited-edition collaboration, which hits stores and online February 28, is an extension of a ten-year partnership with Levi Strauss & Co – yes, the denim company. This time it’s not just about value jeans, though. Instead, the brands created a lifestyle collection with more than 100 items that focused heavily on housewares and marked Levi’s first foray into the world of home decor.

The main part of the collection includes over 90 products, from table items such as wine mugs and carafes to furniture such as stools, chairs, dog beds and quilts (see below in the first and only currently available promotional image of the collection). Ceramic dishes, table linen and aprons are also part of the range.

From a materials standpoint, denim will of course be present, but sustainability is what really is at the core of the entire collection. To that end, the designs will feature comfortable, durable fabrics and finishes, including sherpa and even recycled glass. Overall, this line will also feature more sustainable certifications than any previous limited-time design collaboration from Target, including certifications from Fair Trade USA, GOODWEAVE, and FSC Wood.

Prices start at $ 3, with a majority of items dropping under $ 25. Mark your calendars for February 28th now, because if this collaboration is anything like the past, it is likely to sell out pretty quickly both in-store and online. With an emphasis on cozy fabrics, timeless silhouettes and a classic blue and white palette, there is reason to believe that this new collection has something for every living style.

Danielle Blundell

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