Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Rioters Who ‘Ruined’ Objection Plans Amid Trump Impeachment Trial


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MP Marjorie Taylor Greene condemned the Capitol rioters on the grounds that they were targeting both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, according to Fox News.

“The attack ruined our objection that we spent weeks preparing for, which ruined our efforts on behalf of Trump and his voters,” Greene said.

“The night before, they placed pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC. You have NOT targeted just one party. They were directed against Republicans and Democrats. They were ALL together against the government. “

Green expressed that she was “very upset, scared and frightened for all of us” during the uprising, saying that she made “a video asking people to stop and protest peacefully”.

“I will forever be grateful to my Republican colleagues for valiantly helping the police protect us and blocking the door.”

“You have bravely risked your life against the attackers who tried to break in.”

Green then noted that the former president is “the victim of the never-ending hateful witch hunt”.

Videos shared by the New Yorker show rioters raiding Senator Cruz’s belongings and votes heard during the video: “This is a good one. I think Cruz wants us to do that so I think we are good. “” He’s with us. “

Cruz condemned the rioters.

I was in the chamber when the attack took place.

I was very upset, scared, and scared for ALL of us – everyone from the Capitol staff, the press, the police to every member of R and D.

I even made a video asking people to stop and protest peacefully.

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– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) February 9, 2021

“This impeachment is a circus for the Democrats’ media mob to entertain the masses who have brainwashed them and who are addicted to hatred. So you don’t see the Dem policy coming into effect quickly, which is destroying our lives, stealing our freedoms and putting America last, ”Greene tweeted.

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From Fox News:

The pro-Trump mob broke through the Capitol about an hour after Trump’s rally ended on January 6, repeating false claims that he won the election and urged his supporters to “go peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol. However, those who believe that Trump’s rally that day was incontestable behavior say that one comment does not outweigh the balance of his utterance, in which he also told supporters that if they do not “fight back” they will not “ have “land more. “

Trump’s legal team claim that the use of the word “struggle” was figurative and intended to mean election security policies.

Greene has been a lightning rod for controversy as she has maintained her reputation as a bomb thrower while distancing herself from some of her most radical statements of the past. She turned down QAnon after previously flirting with conspiracy theory. reiterated that 9/11 came after previously expressed doubts; and apologized to her Republican counterparts in the House last week for these and other comments, including some that appear to support violence against Democrats before she was elected.



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