Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat Join Ariana Grande’s “34+35”


If you found Ariana Grande’s original version of “34 + 35” exciting, wait to hear the remix. The Positions The singer first teased fans with the upcoming song on Jan. 13, alluding to two mysterious collaborators with people on a tailspin trying to guess who they were. The next day, she revealed her featured artists as Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat, who are arguably two of the music industry’s biggest names right now. We shouldn’t be surprised, both Megan and Doja Cat are known to have some delicious lyrics and “34 + 35” could only benefit from their presence.

The song is the second track on Grande’s Positionsthat fell on October 30th. If you still haven’t solved the pretty pointed math equation – how could you miss it with these lyrics – the title is a clever nod to a sex position: 69. We can’t wait to hear Megan and Doja do the song spice it up, and frankly we’re probably not ready for the sheer power a track with these three will exude. But we are definitely ready to put ourselves to the test! The remix “34 + 35” will have its premiere on Thursday evening. So take a deep breath beforehand.