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Christmas movies are very much loved, but we can’t forget the Christmas episodes. Over the years, some of our favorite TV shows, from The Office to The Simpsons, have released Christmas episodes that we love to watch annually alongside vacation movies.

What’s everyone’s favorite this year? DISH Network wanted to know, so IMDb combed it for the most watched Christmas episodes. The parameters: The episode had to be produced between 1990 and this year and have at least 1,500 votes and a rating of 7.5 or higher in the IMDb.

This year’s top 15 represent only eight shows. House has five episodes on the list, while How I Met Your Mother has three and The Office has two. Other shows on the list include The X-Files, The Simpsons, Modern Family, Doctor Who, and This Is Us. House’s 2008 Christmas episode took first place: “It’s a wonderful lie.”

This list seems controversial. Why so much house and so little of the Simpsons? Why not Chrismukkah episodes from The OC? If the conversation is delayed during your Zoom Christmas party, send everyone a link to this list.

DISH also looked at Google Trends’ data to find the most wanted Christmas show by state. This time the Simpsons and the office clearly dominate. Did Wyoming, Mississippi, and Maine have views for House? North Dakota and Alaska are outliers looking for This Is Us and The X-Files, respectively.

Mia Nakaji Monnier


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