New DOJ hire was colleague of Hunter Biden’s defense attorney


T.The Justice Department’s new acting head of crime is none other than a former colleague Hunter Biden’s attorney. Fox News Reports.

In addition, this information comes from an investigation into Hunter’s suspicious antics of foreign companies.

Yes, you read that right: the new acting head of department is a former colleague of the attorney representing Hunter Biden in an ongoing Justice Department investigation.

Seems to be a tremendous conflict of interest.

Nicholas McQuaid joined the Justice Department in January after serving several years as a partner in Latham & Watkins’ New York office.

Another partner in this office is Christopher Clark, who appears to be representing Joe Biden’s son in an ongoing investigation.

“They worked on the same cases until McQuaid took the Justice Department job,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported.

Court records show that McQuiad and Clark worked on some of the same cases. On January 21, Latham & Watkins filed a motion to withdraw McQuaid from a case Clark was working on. According to the Justice Department, that was the day after McQuaid was appointed head of the crime department.

Maybe an attempt to cover their tracks?

“That means that Joe Biden has put the partner of the man his son hired to defend him against the crime department to head the crime department,” noted Carlson.

If anything arouses suspicion, this is it.

In his new role as Assistant Principal Assistant and Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Investigation Department, McQuaid will oversee the criminal investigation, including any investigation against the President’s son.

How interesting.

McQuaid’s role as head of the division is temporary as Biden will appoint a permanent head who will need Senate approval.



Robert Dunfee