Regé-Jean Page’s Family’s Reactions to Bridgerton Sex Scenes


Regé-Jean Page tried to warn his family about the NSFW scenes in Bridgertonbut unfortunately some people didn’t get the memo. At this point, it’s certainly no secret that Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix series features plenty of steamy moments between Pages Duke of Hastings and Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne. However, during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton ShowThe actor revealed that even a few warning emoji couldn’t protect his crew from certain sultry scenes.

“We have a WhatsApp family group, so there are a couple of flashing red emojis with a red light and the weird peach emoji – certain people threatened to rate my peach,” he joked. “But we missed a couple of family members … a couple of cousins ​​missed the memo so they watch the show and I got a very stern message on my Instagram DMs: ‘It really needs to be a cousin warning “A relative even made” tactical cups of tea “as a distraction, but as Page recalled they said,” I left the room to make my tactical cup of tea and came back and you still left! ”

At least the Page family has learned their lesson before BridgertonThe second season that’s supposed to be just as sexy. Watch as the actor above shares his fun family interactions as we eagerly await the return of the Regency drama.



Robert Dunfee