SNL: Watch Dan Levy’s Opening Monologue | Video


Dan Levy made his hosting debut on February 6th Saturday night live with a charming monologue. “Somewhere my 13-year-old fainted like a really needy, melodramatic kind,” he said with a grin. When discussing the ups and downs of his 2020, he couldn’t help but get involved Schitt’s Creek, which earned nine Emmys and Dan the personal honor of being recognized on the streets. Granted, people keep shouting “Ew!” with him; something he said “will haunt me now for the rest of my life.” He then took us on a tour of the SNL Set, shows off all of the “security measures” the show had in place, including antiviral fog and a security officer named Doreen.

At the end of the tour, Dan had the sweetest surprise in the form of his father Eugene Levy in a glass box. “I didn’t know anything about the box back then, no, I found out when I landed,” said Eugene with a resigned sigh. With an awkward laugh, Dan added, “Well I would offer to help, but we live on TV.” You can see the reunion in the video above.



Robert Dunfee