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The Best Bath Towels To Buy In 2020


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There is nothing better than getting out of a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower and wrapping yourself in a luxurious bath towel. But not all bath towels are created equal and we all agree that there are so many options. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorites at different prices so you can choose the best one that works just for you.

What should be considered before buying?

There is a whole world of bath towels on the market, which means it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you are looking for. Depending on the material, bath towels can be plush, light, heavy, textured and everything in between. Here is a breakdown of the most popular types:

In addition to considering the towel material, you should also think about weight, durability and ease of care. Almost all bath towels are machine washable, but some require more care to keep in good condition – especially white towels, which can get grubby pretty quickly. When it comes to weight, towels are measured using GSM (grams per square meter). Most towels are between 300 and 900 GSM, with 900 being the heaviest. It’s good to remember that a lower GSM doesn’t mean lower quality – it just means the towel is lighter in weight (and most likely dries faster).

And of course there is the whole dilemma between bath towel and bath towel. Simply put, bath towels are just larger bath towels and are best for taller people or those who really enjoy wrapping themselves in their towel. Bath towels are typically 52 “x 27” while bath towels are approximately 60 “x 35” (most of the options on this list are somewhere in between).

What we’re looking for in a bath towel

We tested a wide variety of bath towels for our list and rated them based on the following criteria:

Best bath towel overall: Parachute Classic towel

We know, we know – parachute again? The popular DTC brand has dominated our list of the best linen sheets, best bathrobes, best duvet covers, etc., but they really are one of the best bed and bath companies out there. This bath towel hits the sweet spot: it is warm and plush, but structured and absorbent. It’s also perfectly medium weight, soft, and cozy. Of all the towels we’ve tried, this is the one we get weeks later – and it only gets better with washing.

Who is it best for?: Those who are looking for something warm and weighty, but not overly plush; those who like a clean, modern look.

Good to know: Parachute towels are synthetic-free, making them safer for you and healthier for the planet. However, this makes them prone to discoloration when exposed to certain harsh chemicals found in certain skin care products (think benzoyl peroxide). So if you are concerned about possible discoloration, opt for a white set.

Best inexpensive bath towel: Wamsutta Hygro Duet Towel

If price is the most important factor for you, we recommend Bed Bath & Beyond’s Wamsutta towels. We tried them for the first time years ago and we still prefer them over many of the more expensive brands we’ve tried since then. Absorbent, soft and available in a range of colors. You really can’t go wrong here – and after more than two years we have found that their quality has not changed.

For whom it is best: Those who want to stick to a budget; those who don’t like ultra plush towels.

Good to know: This towel is pretty light and a bit textured. So skip it if you prefer fluffiness.

Best bath towel made of waffle fabric: Snowe Honeycomb Towel

Snowe’s honeycomb towel was the first waffle tissue we tried and we loved it so we wrote a one-off review. The advantage of the waffle fabric is the light feel and unbeatable absorbency, and this towel delivers in every way. Not only that, it looks really nice too, which doesn’t hurt. We were concerned about how well it would wash, but after a few months it is still absorbent and doesn’t look worn (a problem you can run into with light towels).

For whom it is best: Those who want something other than typical terry towels; those in warm, humid climates who need something quick drying and lightweight.

Good to know: The thin, light feeling takes getting used to (it’s not exactly warm and cozy), but the absorbency more than makes up for it.

Best Classic Bath Towel: Lauren Ralph Lauren Sanders Towel

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a classic. Ralph Laurens Sanders towel is medium weight and soft, with a ribbed cotton dobby and a twisted hem. They last a long time too – we have a friend who has had these for three years and still swears by them. Uncomplicated, simple and always stylish. Plus, they’re almost always available at Macy’s.

For whom it is best: Who wants to stay with the classics at a reasonable price.

Good to know: Look out for discounts and coupons for an even cheaper price. Also available from Neiman Marcus.

Best organic bath towel: Boll & Branch organic plush towel

The Boll & Branch bath towel has the classic look you know and love, but it’s made with organic materials so you can feel better when you buy it. As such, it’s more expensive than non-organic options, but well worth the higher price tag if you want something that is made from organic materials and made using ethical standards. It also holds up well after several months of washing.

For whom it is best: Those who care where their products come from; those who like a plush feel.

Good to know: All Boll & Branch products, including towels, are made without harmful chemicals in factories that focus on workers’ livelihoods and practice responsible waste and water management. In addition, all packaging can be recycled or used for other purposes.

Best plush towels: Brooklinen super plush towels

If you are looking for the fluffiest, plushiest and coziest towel on the market, we introduce you to the super plush towels from Brooklinen. Available in a set of 2, these towels are the key to turning your tiny bathroom into a home spa. They are thick (820 GSM – most towels are between 300 and 900 GSM) and can honestly be used as a blanket.

For whom it is best: Who wants luxury.

Good to know: Brooklinen also has mid-plush and ultralight towels. We’re big fans of the mid-plush if you don’t love the plush feel, but we recommend skipping the ultralight – there are better, lighter options out there.

Best Turkish Bath Towel: Serena & Lily Fouta Towel

Serena & Lily’s Fouta Towel is a modern update of traditional Turkish towels. It’s light, aesthetically pleasing, and absorbent. It’s double-sided, has a smooth front and terry cotton back, and features subtle stripes for a unique look. Due to the double bond, they are a little better than other Turkish towels and still hold after a few months.

For whom it is best: Those who like the look of Turkish towels but want something more essential; those who live in warmer climates and need something quick drying and absorbent.

Good to know: Many people use their Turkish towels both on the beach and after taking a shower.

Best luxury bath towel: Matouk Milagro towel

If luxury is what you are looking for, you can’t do much better than Matouk. Massachusetts-based luxury brand Heritage has been around for nearly 100 years, and their plush bath towels are made with the quality and craftsmanship you expect. They’re also a long-time favorite of Maxwell Ryan, our founder and CEO.

For whom it is best: Those who value quality and craftsmanship; those who want to invest in towels that will have them for years; those who prefer a plush feel.

Best quick drying bath towel: Havly Classic Towel

Havly is a newer towel brand that we recently discovered and we have to say that we are pretty excited. They only sell one towel right now, but what a towel it is! It has a softer, plump area to dry your face and a more textured area to dry your body. It’s designed to dry quickly, and it really does – we immediately noticed a difference. The only downside is that it comes at a higher price.

For whom it is best: The ones spoiled with the same towel for drying your face and body; those who have tried everything and want something new.

Good to know: These towels are expensive. Towels at comparable prices on this list are made from organic materials or from luxury brands. this is not one. Havly says it will take 1,000 washes. If so, they are definitely worth the premium price.

This post was originally published on August 16, 2018 and was last updated on December 10, 2020 to reflect the latest prices and offers.

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