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Most gardeners agree that shrubs need less primer than perennials to look their best. And many shrubs grow well without much help from you. But which ones do that and have interesting bark, beautiful flowers or an excellent autumn color? When you want to spend less time and effort making your garden look its best, it’s time to plant more shrubs. Shrubs can be attractive for four seasons without much work. This video shows some popular, easy-care shrubs growing in the gardens of the editors of Fine Gardening. Adding one of these stars – or even several – to your beds and borders will take effect immediately.

Selected shrubs

Invincibelle Wee White® Smooth Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens ‘NCHA5’)

Beautybush (Kolkwitzia amabilis)

Black Lace® elder (Sambucus nigra ‘Eva’)

Diabolo® Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Monlo’)

‘Ruby Spice’ Summer Sweet (Clethra alnifolia ‘Ruby Spice’)

Golden honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida ‘Baggesens Gold’)

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