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The Biggest Home Improvement Trends of 2020


Home improvement peaked last year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. When you’ve been locked in your home for months (and months!), DIY projects become the logical solution. UK-based online hardware store My Tool Shed recently released a report on some of the most popular home improvement trends of 2020. Using data from Google Trends and Search Metrics, the company narrowed down three main topics over the past year: Kitchen updates, DIY searches, and Color trends.

For more information on the search trends created between November 2019 and November 2020, please see below. Perhaps these home improvement trends will also inspire your DIY and home improvement goals for 2021. With the pandemic still huge, home improvement and DIY projects will undoubtedly still be big this year.

Compared to searching for bathroom, bedroom, garage and loft extensions, searches for kitchen extensions increased 43% through May last year. Kitchen color, for example, has been a top search query for much of the past year. The living rooms, on the other hand, remained the lowest searched room and showed a preference for the room where we all spent more time together baking bread and whipping Dalgona coffee.

DIY and how-to searches skyrocketed in April. In particular, DIY searches rose from 235.4,000 to 347.8,000, which is a 48% increase. The biggest increase in search was How to Paint, which increased searches by 44%. “How to Build” finally overtook the search in July and August. “How to Fix” was also a top search term.

Paint, paint and paint more

A fresh coat of paint can change almost any project. So it makes sense that searches have increased 77% over the past year. As mentioned above, kitchen color was a top search last year – followed by bedroom color (80% search increase) and bathroom color (17% search increase). According to My Tool Shed, Fence Color saw a 196% increase in searches in March – an increase over searches for ceiling color, wall color, and door color.

Which home improvement trend will you include this year?

Jessica Wang

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