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Including light and air in our interior / exterior design Photo credit: LivingspaceEmbrace light and air in our interior / exterior design Photo courtesy of Livingspace /.jpg

“The house I’m designing and building now has massive windows. Even in winter I don’t think I’ll have many lights on; There is so much light in the house, ”he says.

In this design, they have taken the open concept to the next level, he says, with living, dining, kitchen, office and fitness rooms, all of which are open plan and flood the house with natural light.

“You can see the windows in the gym from the lower level. And on the other side of the house is our master bedroom. The light up here is amazing because it’s such an open space, ”he says.

Separating rooms from one another cuts off natural light, he says, and often people create dining rooms that are barely ever used – so you are wasting the space you have.

Garden furniture is now just as convenient as indoor furniture. “

“We see it very, big, massive houses that are all these little rooms in the end,” he says.

Just as rooms blur into one another, furniture categories also blur, says Bonetti and decides to equip his house with furniture by the European designer Paola Lenti, whose outdoor collection also works well indoors.

“Garden furniture is now just as comfortable as indoor furniture,” he says.

You can really play with the element of light in your outdoor spaces, says Reinier Van de Poll of Van de Poll Gardens, by choosing plants that change color when the breeze hits them – and whose leaves turn. Trees like honey locus, revered grasses, and some narrow poplars are good examples, he says.

“These types of trees and grasses are remarkably different and play wonderfully with the light and shade in the garden,” says Van de Poll.

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