The Wilds: Will There Be a Season 2?


All of the whole The wilderness In the first season I kept thinking: “It can’t get any worse, can it?” Again and again I have been proven otherwise. The lightning between life before, after and after the island made my head spin. How did the girls get stranded? Who were they before the break of dawn? And how the hell did they “get away”? Since the season ended on such a cliffhanger, all I know is if Amazon is extending the series for a second season – and it seems like the makers are hopeful.

Showrunner Amy Harris said diversity While a second season hasn’t been officially announced, she and her team have a “very strong blueprint” for how it would turn out. Midway through the first season’s creation process, the writers had a specific idea of ​​the twist ending that would open the door for more episodes.

“For me, one of the fun things about a second season is watching how [Gretchen’s] The loyal team decides whether or not it’s worth the damage, “Harris said, referring to the manipulative character behind the curtain who drove the girls stranded.

“We’re very proud of the show and I think we’ve given the audience a really exciting cliffhanger and hopefully really authentic, exciting characters that you want to invest in,” Harris said in one Collider Interview. “Well, we hope for a second season, but of course the streaming gods have to tell us that.”

Amazon keeps its fingers crossed and gives fans what they want: Answers. When there is a renewal, the show’s creator, Sarah, has already worked out the ending for every character, be it next season or five years from now. “We have vignette ideas that every girl will end up with. And that’s important to keep our character up to date,” she said. “And that was really fun – the idea where do you end up after this experience?”

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