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Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Metallic Velvet Couch on Instagram


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Tracee Ellis Ross knows a thing or two about style. While the “black-ish” actor wears bold and fashionable outfits throughout, Ross is also an impressive force in another area of ​​design: interior and living decor. The Golden Globe winner frequently shares snapshots of her eclectic and stylish Los Angeles home on Instagram. This time we covet a piece of furniture in an unconventional shade: Ross’ metallic velvet couch.

Surrounded by a round mahogany coffee table, a bookcase to the brim of books and minimalist prints in gold, Ross shared a series of snapshots of himself flanked on a comfy-looking velvet couch in a metallic shade of gray. It’s almost reminiscent of a disco ball – a fitting comparison for someone who’s seemingly often the life of the party. The couch is accented with matching metallic gray cushions and offers a bold yet versatile piece of furniture.

Ross previously described her residence as “warm, safe and fun” and her style as “eclectic, comfortable and bold” in her 2017 Vogue 73 questions. And the warm and versatile feeling is evident too. In addition to the metallic couch, there are other bold elements of Ross’ home in the front and center of the segment. There is also a main living room that is painted a warm blue color and accented with a light blue couch to give it the monochrome look. Elsewhere in her bright and well-organized white kitchen, the actor’s Golden Globe sits above the sink.

But back to Ross’ chic metallic gray couch. For those who want to adopt elements of style from the actor and the fashion icon, Wayfair offers a velvet, champagne-colored arm sofa that is reminiscent of Ross’ couch. The Fairfax Steel Gray Velvet from Living Spaces doesn’t follow the shimmering trend, but it also follows the design trend. The Velvet Barrel Chair by Wayfair by Everly Quinn is also based on the velvety metallic gray.

Tour Ross’ eclectic LA home in the video above for more design inspiration.

Jessica Wang

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