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Try a few of these plants in your perennial areas to extend the colour


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Achillea 'Milly Rock Red. For Brian Minter Darwin Perennials Column.  Photo Credit Ball Horticultural CompanyAchillea ‘Milly Rock Red’. Photo by Ball Horticultural Company /.PNG

Here is the exciting lineup of some of the plants we can expect this year:

• •Achillea ‘Milly Rock’ series: Zone 5a, grows 10-12 inches, flowers April through September.

• •Armeria ‘Dreameria’ series: 5a, 10-12 inches, March-October.

• Coreopsis ‘Uptick’ series: 5, 12-14 inches, March-November.

• Lavender ‘Primavera’:7a, 16-18 inches, spring / winter.

• Leukanthemum ‘Whitecap’: 5a, 14-16 inches, March-October.

• Nepeta ‘Whispurr Blue’:4a, 24 inches, April-September

• Penstemon ‘Cherry Sparks’:5a, 18-20 inches, May-August

• Phlox ‘Ka-Pow’ 5 colors:4b, 18-20 inches, June-August

• Salvia ‘Mirage’ series 9 colors: 7, 12-14 inches, March-September

• Veronica longifolia ‘Forever Blue’:4b, 16-18 inches, June-October.

The ultimate test for any of these plants is their performance in our gardens. Try a few in your perennial areas to expand the color.

Big thanks to Darwin Perennials and the Ball Horticultural Company for their innovation and dedication to growing new plants. Your efforts make a remarkable contribution to the world of gardening.