TV Shows About Black Joy and Where to Watch Them


During series like Friends, The office, and Parks and recreation – Shows where white characters exist only for the sake of escapism and laughter – have been around since the advent of television, similar series depicting life in Black America are few. Too often, black TV characters come from broken families and violent backgrounds, while scripts are read by those trying to explain the blackness to a non-black population. It is exhausting to see shows that are written about you but not for you. Like everyone else, blacks experience love and loss, makeup and breakup, high school crushes and friendship drama. However, our stories are stripped of any depth just to revolve around how non-blacks think of black life.

As we celebrate Black Joy, Black Writers, and Black Creators this month of Black History, here are 25 sitcoms, dramas, and anime shows about black people. . . Being – no explanation needed.


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Robert Dunfee