Under New Rules, Germany Could Detain Uncooperative Covid-exposed Citizens In Guarded Camps And Detention Centers


OPINION | This article contains political comments that reflect the author’s opinion.

The last time Germany drove undesirable citizens into detention centers, the Nazis tried to exterminate the Jews and millions were tortured and killed. But Germany has apparently not learned from history, because now German citizens who violate the COVID quarantine rules are housed in fenced and guarded prisons.

The Telegraph reports that Saxon officials have already approved plans to detain violators in fenced-in sections of a refugee camp. Brandenburg also plans to use a refugee camp as a detention center.

According to the German newspaper Weltzeitung, Schleswig-Holstein is planning to arrest uncooperative citizens in part of a juvenile detention center.

In Baden-Württemberg there are two hospitals with guarded rooms in which those who refuse to quarantine are to be held.

Germany’s irony of forcing unwanted or non-cooperative citizens into guarded prisons is not lost worldwide and the Twitter responses are worth gold.

I saw this one before pic.twitter.com/Hcnt4CfYFC

– A $ APepa (@SapepaSA) January 18, 2021

Well, they have experience with bearings.

– Save Parler Len Hubbard (@len_hubbard) January 18, 2021

I can see Hitler smile from below as he sees Germany bring back the good old days

– John (@ jdejong67) January 18, 2021

Frankly, how is Germany so deaf that they don’t know how bad it looks for them to be held in guarded camps after Jews committed atrocities in camps not long ago.


Robert Dunfee