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Vaonis Introduces Vespera, a Smartphone Telescope and Camera Hybrid


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A French start-up has developed a cosmic new device that will turn smartphones into an astronomy-observation telescope and camera hybrid. Vaonis’ Vespera, called an intelligent telescope and camera in one, offers hikers and space enthusiasts a new, out of this world way of observing the vast universe.

The Vespera can now be pre-ordered with a delivery in spring 2022 and consists of an elegant observation station, a short tripod, a USB charger, a USB magnetic cable and a free mobile app. The app is indispensable: it serves as a space hub where users can track the specific objects they want to observe via smartphone GPS and embedded star-detection technology and learn more about the objects.

Through the app and gadget, consumers are basically capturing their own snapshots of the moon, galaxies, nebulae, and more. The pictures could be sent to loved ones and shared on social media. The gadget has a high price. The Vespera can be pre-ordered from Vaonis for $ 1,499. The debut of the Vespera comes after the introduction of the Stellina, an intelligent telescope of the same caliber.

Here’s how it works: The Vespera is a compact device that weighs just 10 pounds. with a height of 15 inches so it is easily accessible via backpacks. As soon as the tripod is set up, pressing the button on the Vespera activates the resources in the app. In a product video shared by the company, former NASA astronauts Terry Virts and Scott Kelly announced the Vespera.

“It’s a lot lighter than a large telescope, and it gives you an endless limit of things to look at in the sky,” said Virts. “I think it’s really something that will revolutionize the way you see the night sky.” Kelly added, “I hope that having your own scouting station that you can take with you wherever you go may inspire you [and] Your children go on [and] challenge yourself. “

Watch the Vaonis product video above for more insight into Vespera.

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