WandaVision’s Kick-Ass Reference, Explained | POPSUGAR Entertainment


WandaVision is jam-packed with references to other superhero traits, but we definitely weren’t expecting a reference great Pop up! The 2010 superhero film (and superhero film satire) is technically based on a Marvel property, but its presence in WandaVision is just a joke about the casting, not an indication of anything to theorize about.

The scene is so fast that you might miss it! During a trick-or-treating sequence, Tommy is particularly happy about his uncle Pietro’s suggestion to do trick-or-treating together (with the implicit advantage of Pietro’s super-speed). “Yes, ass!” he calls out. When they drive off together, Wanda stays behind and repeats “Kick-ass …” to himself. It’s framed like a classic ’90s sitcom where a mom is upset that her kids are learning a more mature language, but the repetition shows that this isn’t a disposable line of dialogue.

In fact, it’s an indication of the fact that playing Quicksilver isn’t the only thing that connects Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters. Both were featured in the 2010 film version of great: Taylor-Johnson as would-be vigilante Dave Lizewski (aka “Kick-Ass”) and Peters as his buddy Todd. Amusingly, there is also a rewrite that Peters is involved in. in the Kick Ass 2Todd tries to become a vigilante like his friend, but he is no longer played by Peters; back then, CinemaBlend reported that Peters involvement in American horror story He may have caused a planning conflict that required him to cancel the sequel. This time it is Peters who is the “recast” of an old character!

In a strange way, it’s almost nice to have an Easter egg in it WandaVision that doesn’t require too much thinking or theorizing! While most of the little hints and innuendos of other superheroes try to figure out what this could mean for the show and the Marvel Universe as a whole, this is just a goofy, funny casting joke!



Robert Dunfee