Watch Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Bridgerton TikTok



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♬ Wildest dreams – Dom

It seems like Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are just as obsessed with Netflix Bridgerton How we are. While the rest of us have adopted Regency-era slang into our daily lives, Gabrielle and Dwyane go one step further by recreating scenes from the show. In a fun TikTok set on an instrumental cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” the couple can be seen walking on the beach as the lines of Daphne and Simon appear on the screen. Gabrielle even wore one Bridgerton-approved green dress for the special occasion entitled “Lady Bridgerton-Wade”. Could they be any more adorable? We will definitely need more Bridgerton-themed TikToks because that’s just too good. Better still, why don’t they have a guest star on season two? Check out their flawless TikTok above!