Watch Schitt’s Creek “All I Need For Christmas Is You” Video


Although Schitt’s Creek Ended earlier this year, we can still celebrate the holidays with the roses thanks to an incredibly festive video. On December 12th, the show’s digital producer Calum Shanlin shared a supercut of scenes to create a cover titled “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – complete with Moira Rose’s legendary “Bébé!” ”

The video brought a lot of joy to the cast of the pop TV show, as Dan Levy, who told Shanlin on Instagram, “You outdid yourself this vacation.” Shanlin’s cover was also loved by the original performer of the iconic song, Queen Mariah Carey herself. “I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it !!!” she commented. “Did I mention I love it? LOL.” Shanlin’s song selection is a particularly sweet nod to the show’s history, as David and Patrick, as dedicated fans know, share a special love for Carey and her music. Send our best wishes and best regards to all of the cast and crew this season to brighten up our vacation!


Robert Dunfee