Watch the Trailer For Behind Her Eyes on Netflix


Behind her eyes is the latest book-to-TV adaptation from Netflix based on the novel by Sarah Pinborough. On February 4th, Netflix released the official trailer and I tell you, this new series is definitely going to keep you busy. The show follows the seemingly normal love triangle between Louise (played by Simona Brown) and a married couple David and Adele (played by Tom Bateman and Eve Hewson) as things slowly get out of hand.

Louise meets David on a spontaneous evening and sparks fly pretty straight away. Problems only arise when she meets him at work and realizes that he is her new boss. But that’s not all, she then finds out that he is married and somehow manages to befriend his wife Adele. From the start, Adele clings to Louise and fills her head with stories about David, which makes Louise wonder about Adele’s safety – and most importantly, her past. On the other hand, David can’t leave Louise alone, and the constant sneaking around between the three makes this love triangle one of the most chaotic of all time – but then there’s a twist. Things get dark pretty quickly, and Louise has a choice of either giving up on her newfound love or doing her best to save him instead. What will she choose? You have to wait and see. . .

Check out the trailer Behind her eyes now before it hits Netflix on February 17th.



Robert Dunfee