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Weedy Backyard Turned Usable Patio Area


Outdoor space was key in 2020 – but sometimes these outdoor spaces need a little overwork to become comfortable hangouts. Kate Beckman, for example, had access to a lovely back yard when she moved in with her mother during the pandemic. There was, however, a stretch of the yard that seemed largely untouched: “It was a spot near the shed and in the shade of two large trees,” says Kate. “Because of all the weeds, there were a lot of mistakes. In short, we couldn’t just put chairs and sit in the shade. “

Although the place wasn’t a real hangout, Kate saw a lot of potential. “I thought it would be perfect to work outside as my office job is remote for now,” she says. “Since I didn’t have much to do other than work while ordering at home, I decided to spend some time remodeling the space.”

At first, Kate assumed the patio would be a weekend project, but quickly realized that it would take a lot longer to get it all together. “I’m not someone who normally does DIY projects,” she says. “Before I moved home, I lived in a small rental apartment in NYC. The extent of my home improvement has been to rearrange the furniture from time to time. Nevertheless, I was determined to stick with the project – especially since the largest investment, the paving stones, could not be exchanged. ”

Kate began by weeding the area, then raking the ground and spreading 20 bags of sand before installing a weed barrier that reached them all over the course of a few weekends.

The following weekend, Kate buckled up for what was perhaps the hardest part: laying the paving stones, each weighing 32 pounds, all of which were stored across the yard. After a lot of heavy lifting and some sand adjustments, the deck was almost ready. All it took was a finishing touch that Kate and her mother took last weekend.

“My mom and I lit a few lights and she planted more flowers on the patio, including hydrangeas, pansies, geraniums and hostas,” says Kate. They also bought a chair. Kate estimates the total patio expense – including flowers, pots, lights, furniture, paving stones, and other materials – was between $ 1,300 and $ 1,400.

In the end, Kate and her mother were able to create a lovely outdoor space that is perfect for relaxing – but also within range of the WiFi, so Kate can enjoy an outdoor office on days with good weather.

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Melissa Epifano


Melissa is a freelance writer specializing in home decor, beauty, and fashion. She has written for MyDomaine, The Spruce, Byrdie, and The Zoe Report. The Oregon native currently lives in the UK.


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