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Well, Well, Well Congress Does Support Walls….For Themselves


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Well, it turns out that Congress supports security walls. Not for the security of the nation, mind you, but for their own security.

After the break on January 6th, a “temporary” wall was quickly erected in front of the Capitol.

You see, members of Congress are important enough to need protection. One thing is clear: the security of the American people is simply not important to them.

Amazing how quickly the government can build a wall when our ruling class, unlike small towns on the southern border, is threatened. Https://t.co/aA3p0ZvAWv

– Greg Price (@ greg_price11) January 16, 2021

Gosh, you didn’t waste time building your wall, did you?

NPR reports that the wall will be open for at least 30 days.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy announced Thursday that a “7-foot non-scalable fence” would be erected around the entire US Capitol and would be in operation for at least the next 30 days.

McCarthy also said that 6,200 National Guard members will be stationed in the capital area by this weekend. He made his remarks at a press conference with Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser, and acting DC Police Chief Robert Contee.

How much do you want to bet that this wall will become an integral part of the Capitol?

And just like that, the ruling elite class in Washington DC became even more inaccessible and less touching.

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