What Did Michelle Obama Get Barack For Christmas 2020?


Michelle Obama gave Barack Obama an unforgettable Christmas present this year. On Wednesday, the former president shared a look at his wife’s priceless gift on Instagram. Michelle hired an artist named Valentino Dixon to draw a massive piece for Barack from the 12th hole in Augusta National, Georgia. For Barack, “it’s an incredible piece, but the story behind it is even better.”

Valentino was wrongly convicted of a crime at the age of 21 and sentenced to 38.5 years in prison. During this time, he reconnected with his love of art and began drawing for six to ten hours each day. Although a director had never set foot on a golf course, he asked Valentino to draw the 12th hole of the legendary Augusta National Golf Club. He was inspired by magazines and created golf pieces during his two decades behind bars.

Valentino’s art has been recognized by golf publications, and through magazine profiles (and his family’s efforts), his case gained more publicity. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that three Georgetown students discovered evidence proving Valentino’s innocence that he was exonerated. He was wrongly imprisoned for 27 years.

Although Valentino’s imprisonment could have made him incredibly angry and exhausted, he has devoted the past few years to the legal profession and public speaking. He advocates prison reform and uses his story in the hope of positively changing the criminal justice system. Valentino also continued to draw, eventually joining Michelle when she bought the piece for Barack. “Fortunately, he continues to draw for me and for so many others,” wrote Barack. “I’m so proud to show one of his works.”