What Megan Mullally Likes: Soft T-Shirts and Sad Songs


2. “Discomfort of the evening” by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld She is a first time writer. I just thought it was so amazing. It’s about a family. The eldest son dies in an accident at the very beginning of the book and the family breaks up. In principle, none of the children or parents can accept that the son has died and they cannot understand his death. It’s very dark and complex. It’s also about how religion can distort people and twist them into something that can be used as a weapon. I said, “Gosh, do I really like this? Or do I hate it? I will definitely keep reading! “

3. “Promising young woman” Nick and I saw this last week. I was pretty blown away. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. And it’s so important. I didn’t really understand feminism until later in life. I am a survivor of rape and every other possible form of sexual harassment and abuse that can be imagined. And yet, because I’m 62, I come from this generation, in which a lot of it, you should actually think that is normal. Especially if you are an actress and you have no power at all because earlier on you should just come over there and study your lines and shut up. This film, written and directed by a woman, is a black comedy until it is no more.

4. Vintage t-shirts I’ve always been interested in vintage t-shirts. I will not disclose the website where I buy shirts from under death penalty. I don’t have a room anymore, but I’ll keep buying it. I probably bought 20 during the quarantine. I like soft. And I like her kind of cute, but not too cute. Not girly. My style is “moderately successful New Mexico male rancher”. I’m buying them for Nick too. I got a couple for him recently that he was going to freak out about. First, it’s goldenrod color, it’s a production of “Pippin” from someone’s high school. It’s fucking awesome. Another one is this really great blue, but with some bears and wildlife. Today I said, “It’s like you were born in this t-shirt.”

5. POOG with Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak Now everyone has a podcast. It’s no longer fun. But POOG, I was instantly obsessed with it. Allegedly, the premise of the thing is beauty and wellness. But they only talk about whatever. I love what it says about our consumer culture and about being a woman in this world, what it is [expletive] hard and never fair and never right and never adds up. I love that Kate just wanted to do it to get free stuff because it’s cheap and Jacqueline is incredibly obsessed with skin care. I am fascinated. I don’t think I washed my face until I was 40. No joke.

6th TwinsthenewTrend Pop music reaction videos on YouTube It’s these 22-year-old twins in Gary, Indiana who post YouTubes and hear songs they’ve never heard before. There have been days over the past two weeks that I’ve spent up to an hour or two just watching their videos. They’re both very funny, but they’re cute. When they watch the videos I think it would be so easy for them to steer them in a different direction and be meaner. If you watch it, you’ll hear the song again like the first time. The one who attracted me the most is Whitney Houston, who sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” in the Super Bowl. In the end I was literally sobbing crazy. She is in a state of joy when she sings it. And they say, “Look, she’s just smiling.”



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