When Did Ben Smith Come Back on The Bachelorette?


Tayshia Adams cut it away Bachelorette Candidate pool for the last three men before the fantasy suites, but it looks like there is a glimmer of hope for Ben Smith Stan after his elimination. During the December 15 episode, Adams enjoyed pensive “hometown” dating around the La Quinta Resort and met family members of Smith, Ivan Hall, Zac Clark and Brendan Morais. At the rose ceremony, she sent Smith to pack, leaving him in visible shock at the decision, especially since he didn’t get a chance to tell Adams that he was still in love with her.

“The last two weeks have shown me a lot about the things I felt for you,” said the 29-year-old personal trainer, but did not drop the word “L”. After leaving, Adams said to the camera, “I’m not asking for that grand gesture, but the fact that he couldn’t give me an ounce of emotion was extremely disappointing.”

But the series continues to hold on to its ongoing promise to play drama, and Smith made the grand gesture in the middle of Monday’s two-part finale. After a devastating exit from former front-runner Brendan Morais, Smith appears in front of Chris Harrison’s suite and asks the host if he could get another chance to tell Adams he loves her. Harrison gives his permission and just before the Bachelorette goes to the rose ceremony, Smith knocks on her door. The personal trainer confesses his feelings for a visibly baffled Adams, revealing that he loves her and understands her frustrations with his inability to express himself sooner. Overwhelmed, Adams asks for a solitary moment when she retreats to her bedroom and asks an invisible producer what to do. The episode ends with being told “It’s up to you”.

So does that mean there is a chance Smith will re-enter the competition? Will his admission of love for Adam be too late? Could he get his own stay in the fantasy suite? How will this affect their other relationships? Most importantly, how in the world is she going to choose between all of these amazing men? We have to tune in on Tuesday to see it all slide off!