Why Unaccompanied Minors Is an Underrated Movie


If you shamelessly embrace the holiday season, you probably have a list of must-see movies to celebrate the season. But let me introduce you to one that you’ve either never heard of or completely forgotten about: Unaccompanied minors. This film came out in 2006 and has come under the radar when it comes to Christmas movies. Although it was one of my favorites as a kid, even I forgot how much I enjoyed this feel-good family movie (which, however, received critical reviews).

Imagine this: five children travel alone on Christmas Eve. A big blizzard leaves her stuck at the airport in a room full of loud, messy and chaotic unaccompanied minors. They decide to make the most of their situation with playful antics, which only makes those in charge of the airport very, very angry. The film turns this bizarre group into vacation criminals who are pursued by airport officials. In the middle of the action there is also a lot of heart in the story between siblings, potential love interests and a group of young people who have found family in each other in a lonely situation.

After forgetting this film for a few years, I finally checked it out on YouTube and was just as entertained as I was the last time I saw it. Only now can I better appreciate some of the actors who star in it. There is Paget Brewster, who changes gear from her intense role Criminal thoughts into a worried mother of two and Wilmer Valderamma as a stupid airport employee with a heart. Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Rob Corddry, Jessica Walter, Rob Riggle and David Koechner all appear! You may also recognize a young Tyler James Williams who was in the middle of his run on the 2000s sitcom Everyone hates Chris when he took that part.

The movie is incredibly smart and funny, which turns out when you realize the director is Paul Feig. It has Home alone Mood in the sense that you are constantly wondering how the group will overcome every single obstacle, whether they are navigating dangerously through the baggage carousel or locked behind bars in the airport jail. And as someone who loves airports, there’s nothing I enjoy more than watching the characters venture into prohibited airport areas. The movie just has a nostalgic feel to it that is super comforting.

If you need a new Christmas movie this winter, I don’t recommend it Unaccompanied minors enough. It’s full of action, humor, and sweet moments that will make your heart beat faster. After a watch, I wouldn’t be surprised if you added it to your annual list of Christmas movies. Check out the trailer below and if they’re already sold you can watch Unaccompanied minors on HBO max.